4 Reasons Why I Don’t Prescribe Chemotherapy for My Patients

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Prescribe Chemotherapy for My Patients

Everyone who has been to the Dr. Farrah-Arsenia Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical Center knows that our Center never believes and prescribes chemotherapy and other aggressive and invasive treatments for Cancer. As a medical doctor and a naturopathist, I have a personal and up-and-close relationship with Cancer every day because of my patients.

I see them, I talk to them face-to-face, I know what they’re going through – and it’s very saddening most of the time. Their stories of how they battled or continue to battle cancer on their own or with their families and friends are heartbreaking.

A lot/Some of them have been through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. This is where I learnt a lot from my patients – and where we also continue to learn how to hone our “naturopathic and integrative medicine” practice to better increase the chances of survival among our cancer patients.

Here are the reasons why I don’t believe and prescribe Chemotherapy to my patients:

  • Chemotherapy addresses only the “physical effects”, not the “cause” of the tumor.

Chemotherapy means “the study or science of the tumor (onco)”. It means the treatment or procedure itself only addresses or eliminates the tumor; it does not address the “causes” of the tumor. Cauterizing (cutting), poisoning (chemo) and burning (radiation) are only solutions for eradicating the effects of cancer on the body. Since Cancer is caused by numerous toxins with carcinogenic toxic poisons in the body, it would take a lot more study and effort to fully understand how we can eliminate Cancer in the body.

  • Chemotherapy involves using a toxic chemical drug.

The hardest part to take here is that Cancer patients who agree to Chemotherapy realize only too late that a toxic chemical drug is used to kill malignant cancer cells. These drugs are highly carcinogenic and may cause even side-effects to the one receiving them.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to have a medically recognized poison inserted inside of me so that I can transform back to being healthy. The effects to the body as a whole are disastrous. The side-effects, some of which are vomiting, extreme sensitivity to physical pain, weakness and dizziness, among others, are enough to keep some bed-ridden and sometimes, unable to function well on a daily basis.

  • Chemotherapy weakens or totally destroys your immune system – slowly.

As mentioned in the previous point, Chemotherapy uses toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells – and it does actually for certain cancers like some kinds of testicular cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma. However, these toxic chemicals not only kill cancerous cells – they also kill the good cells. The result is your immune system, which includes naturally occurring good bacteria in your body such as in your stomach or in your mouth, also weakens.

  • Chemotherapy may even induce the growth of secondary cancers and other autoimmune diseases.

After seeing so many patients in the last 15 years (about ____ recorded cases) here at our Natural Medical Center, there is always a common denominator among those who have initially undergone chemotherapy. This common denominator is a relapse back into cancer or a return of the cancer or onset of an auto-immune disease after a year or so.

Why does this happen? Well as discussed earlier, cancer cells die with chemotherapy but the immune system is practically weakened by it during chemotherapy. Therefore, the body’s weakened immune system becomes an open market for other microorganisms to invade it. Complications result – and one of the more difficult outcome of this is the metastasis (meaning “transformation”) of the cancer to something much more difficult to manage – usually a transfer of the cancerous cells to other parts of the body.

Such a situation is becoming more common now as an aftermath of chemotherapy.

Just look at these studies on the futile results of chemotherapy:

* A study in 1993 by Dr. Thomas J. Smith and Bruce E. Hillner indicated that of those patients regularly treated with chemotherapy, only 4% got the needed response from chemotherapy and that only 3% of patients’ lives were prolonged by chemotherapy (source: Journal of the National Cancer Institute; see link: http://drfarrahcancercenter.com/pdf/Efficacy%20and%20cost-effectiveness%20of%20cancer%20treatment%20LINK.pdf).

* In 1994, a landmark radio interview with by Dr. Ralph Moss revealed that chemotherapy was only effective in 2%-4% of malignancies (that covers Hodgkin’s Disease, leukemia, childhood leukemia, testicular cancer, Acute Lymphocytic, etc.).

* A recent study (published August 2017 by the Telegraph UK) conducted by Public Health England and Cancer Research UK indicated that in England, about 8.4 % of  patients with lung cancer, and 2.4% of breast cancer patients died within a month of undergoing chemotherapy.

It was also found out that the figures are even much higher in other English hospitals – as high as 50%. And the studies keep coming, revealing the debilitating effects of chemotherapy versus nature-based cancer treatment.

How about you? Do you agree with my reasons for not adopting chemotherapy to treat cancer?

Stay tuned for my next article on “Integrative Medicine – What is it and How does it Help to Cure Cancer”!


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