It’s one of the biggest retailers on the internet right now – literally a giant multinational company which started out as a book retailer and eventually, branched out into other products like clothing, whole foods, and PESTICIDES!

Yes folks, initially the affable used to sell only thousands of books. But now, it sells – of all things – PESTICIDES that are packaged to look appealingly to children and teenagers!, founded by Jeff Bezos who is also the current owner of the Washington Post, has been charged for committing almost 4,000 counts of selling illegal pesticides through its website. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) led the investigation and subsequent conviction of for violating the sale illegally of pesticides over the internet. These pesticides are proven to be deadly.

In a February 15, 2018 announcement, the EPA narrated a sting operation they did that nailed Amazon selling illegal pesticides over the internet. The announcement said that the EPA was investigating internet sites that were selling pesticides illegally online. These pesticides were sold in two separate occasions – one in March 2015 and the other on January 2016. The March 2015 sting had EPA’s region 10 office people successfully order illegal pesticides from

On August 2015, the EPA issued a FIFRA Stop Sale, Use, or Removal Order to stop Amazon from selling the illegal pesticides online. As if this should have stopped Amazon from selling the banned pesticides, which were packaged to look appealing to children and teenagers. However, on January 2016, the EPA issued another Stop Order because was caught selling misbranded and unregistered insecticides.

Amazon was forced to pay at least US$1.215 million to the EPA as part of an “administrative penalty”. No mention about jail time or incarceration or any mention of the children who could have bought the illegal insecticide, mistaking them for candy or toys.

Keep in mind that if it was any other company, the worst possible penalty could have been executed. But because Amazon’s CEO was hobnobbing with the high and mighty that the penalty was just minimal to the grave offense that had occurred.

The fact that a big, supposedly “ethical” company like Amazon has been selling illegal pesticides gives us room to think over who among the big multinational companies are really trying to help the cause of the average person. Let us think of this as a reminder of how important ethics is to the running of a big corporation.

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