Stuck in the midst of fright and regrets, how hard could it be to find out you only have 4 months to live? In the case of Angelina Delgado, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer, she chose to go out of the imprisoning agony of cancer and find the cure in nature.

When both her oncologist and anesthesiologist gave up on her condition and told her she only have 4 months to live her life, Angelina got depressed. Not only does she have cancer of the cervix, but it has also damaged her lungs and liver. But with the strength left within her weakening body, she managed to get up and start her journey of finding the cure for her disease.

“I was very depressed of course, my God, I’m going to die and that’s it!”

Fortunately, her sister who happens to be a nurse recommended her to take herbal medicines and resist chemotherapy which led her way to the Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical  .

“My sibling who works as a head nurse in the U.S. told me NOT to undergo chemo. My sibling really wanted me to take herbal medicines because they are the best solution.”

It is truly amazing how herbal medicine has paved its way even to the knowledge of those who are primarily using mainstream medicines like Angelina’s siblings. Herbal medicines are not just recognized but are acknowledged as the best solutions for cancer treatment.

“I was told (by my sibling) that if I take other kinds of medication, the effects will be very swift, a very swift death.”

With all these notions swirling in Angelina’s head, bravery has become her shield towards the sword of cancer continuously attacking her. It has been very difficult and painful for her. The thought of a cure has become blurry, but with the right attitude and a perfect dose of herbs care of Dr. Farrah’s All-Natural Method to treat cancer, Angelina is now in the process of recovery.

“I was very happy when I found out that my condition was significantly improving. My liver and lungs are now completely clear.”

When the people around you lose faith in you, never stop believing in your own self. If Angelina with her diagnosis of 4 months of expected life didn’t stop her from finding a cure, why would you? There is an alternative way to treat cancer; you just have to believe that it exists! Here at Dr. Farrah’s  Natural Medical Center, we strongly believe that with our help, you can knock cancer down and, with a lot of work and a positive mindset, eliminate it permanently. For Angelina, these are the words she wants you to hear:

“Just go to Dr. Farrah! I believe in her because she cured me. Just follow her prescriptions precisely.”