With countless campaigns made for ‘cancer causes’, millions have believed that with early diagnosis, one can be saved from the disease. However, this was falsified by a new study. Instead, it has been reported that most cancer screenings increase your risk of dying, rather than saving your life!

In a new study entitled Why cancer screening has never been shown to “save lives” – and what we can do about it” published in the British Medical Journal, it strongly confirmed that cancer screening has not lived up to its long-held promise of “saving lives”; worse, screening actually increases overall mortality. This recent study is led by Vinay Prasad and colleagues, who emphasized that the basis for the success of the screening should not be put on a specific area of diagnosis. This is explained in the following statements:

  1. For instance, the National Cancer Institute has pronounced that ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) should be classified as benign. However, thousands of women are still diagnosed each year with DCIS, which doctors call “early stage of breast cancer.”
  2. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that around 1.3 million women diagnosed with DCIS have undergone either mastectomy, lumpectomy, chemo, radiation, and some combinations of the said treatments to treat the disease. These women believe that after the screening and going for these conventional treatments, their lives have been saved.
  3. However, this mentality is just a manifestation of the Stockholm syndrome — where one trusts its aggressor. In reality, cancer is not the cause of harm to the patients but the screening, itself. Patients are put in danger because the actual screening affects their psychological and physical well-being. With the wrong diagnosis and overmedication, patients’ lives are significantly truncated, bringing negative impacts on its quality.
  4. Reducing the risk of cancer in a specific body area such as the breast, colon, lung, thyroid, etc., is not equal to the reduction of overall mortality risk in other parts. Much of the damages and sufferings could have been avoided if only public health advocates had thought of these things. More than the billion-worth campaigns for ‘Cancer Awareness’, isn’t it humane enough to not try to gain wealth from sickly, and undereducated people?

The blind cannot lead those who are equally blind for they will just both fall on the pit. With how ignorance reigns even on the minds of medical professionals and health advocates, how can they still treat and help those who need their expertise? They will just fall on the endless pain and sufferings that could have been avoided if the ‘capable’ do their jobs well.

Do not be blinded by popularity. Angelina Jolie may have encouraged you to “reduce your risk of dying” by early diagnosis and treatments, but be wise, for yourself. It’s not bravery to give up healthy parts of your body to eliminate the bad ones. Be informed.