The embarrassed FDA Director Charade Puno has now taken her issues with me and turned out an official FDA press release trying to justify her position after the video was released of her testimony in Congress. I wanted to address this issue and demonstrate how she’s again using government resources as a weapon of destruction against a private citizen and denying healthcare choice to everyone.

Read the press release here.

First of all, my products aren’t yet registered because Charade Puno hasn’t approved them yet. Instead of responding to my multiple motions for reconsideration, she is whining in social media trying to justify why she violated my rights to due process and the rights of my patients. Apparently the Ease of doing business act doesn’t apply to the FDA. She can continue to mislead people but it’s too late. The anaconda has a hold now and the more one tries to wiggle out of the mess, the tighter the grip will be.

I hereby challenge Charade Puno to a national debate about this on TV. I even promise not to quote her and say uhmmm, duh, uhhh, ermmm or any of the other things she says all the time. I don’t want her to be afraid to debate with someone who’s actually qualified to speak about these issues given her abject lack of experience in the field.

I’ll also take this time to address her press release point by point. Again, here is a government official using government resources as a weapon against someone who dares to defy her or question her qualifications. Why the need for a PRESS RELEASE a month after she illegally closed my clinic? It looks a quite vindictive to most I have spoken to since it is posted at the top of the FDA Facebook page and the top article on the FDA webpage.

  1. The press release notes, that the approved raid “did not follow due process”.

My response- That’s because it didn’t follow due process and no amount of wordplay on the part of Charade Puno or false assertions can change that fact. When you approve the raid and the reason given is that I didn’t respond, when I actually did, that is a failure of due process.

  1. The press release stated, “This is clearly an attempt to use social media bashing to hide the fact that the supposed health products being sold in that facility are not registered.”

My response- We’re not trying to hide that fact at all. Nice use of the word “supposed” by the way. (Odd how they can spell that properly but not my name.) Charade appears to be trying to conceal the fact that the FDA is mired in red tape and obviously beholden to pharmaceutical companies. We need to look no further than the ultra-rapid approval of Dengvaxia to demonstrate that. It was approved, deployed and found to be unsafe. This is another example of fire, ready, aim. I think she’s confusing her motives here with mine, “social media bashing”.

  1. The press release further stated, “It is the mandate of the FDA and its responsibility to the public to stop the sale of such unregistered products, particularly those that are claimed to have healing properties for diseases such as cancer.”

My response- I’m not claiming that my products cure cancer. If I have, then please demonstrate it.

  1. The press release states, “At a recent operation against the Tarlac-based clinic owned by a certain Farah Bunch, the FDA regulatory enforcement team led by retired Police Chief Superintendent Allen Bantolo seized more than P800 thousand worth of unregistered health products being offered for sale in the facility’s pharmacy.”

My response- The FDA team was given just over 300k worth of products, so it’s odd why they keep perpetuating this story of 800k. The FDA team also noted that there were no pharmaceuticals being sold there, so it was not a “pharmacy”, but a farmacy offering food products from our farm. In addition, my name is spelled FARRAH with 2 R’s. You can address me as Dr. Farrah since I actually earned my title.

  1. The press release states that, “The FDA padlocked the pharmacy in the aftermath of the raid.”

My response- The FDA team sealed our central supply room with packing tape, not a padlock. Please stop misleading people. Shall I provide a picture?

  1. According to Puno, the sale of unregistered health products is illegal and may pose serious risk to users.

My response- Please indicate Mrs. Puno what risks are present? You know that the product was previously approved and required recertification after the death of my father. You know that it has been tested at DOST multiple times, UP, St. Luke’s and others. What risks exactly are you referring to?

  1. “The claim that these supposed health products are natural and herbal does not automatically guarantee safety and efficacy,” Puno pointed out.

My response- You’re right Mrs. Puno. The safety has been determined by DOST, UP, St. Luke’s and others. As far as efficacy is concerned, the labels say “No approved therapeutic claims”.

  1. “That is the reason for the strict product certification process of the FDA – the ensure that those who use these products obtain the benefits claimed by such products,” she added.

My response- I’m not claiming anything Mrs. Puno. You’re the one with outrageous claims beyond your level of experience and education.

  1. Puno lamented insinuations posted in the clinic’s social media profile that the FDA is against natural medicine and did not follow due process in the implementation of the raid against the facility.

My response- The FDA didn’t follow due process and that is a legal fact. In addition, the FDA has demonstrated zero evidence in support of Natural Medicine beyond lip service right?

  1. “On the contrary, the FDA is committed to help the herbal supplement sector grow and protect its reputation,” she explained.

My response- There is zero evidence I have seen to support this claim. Also, the FDA reputation is significantly tarnished with someone as unqualified as Charade Puno at the helm.

  1. “The strict application of FDA rules in the herbal supplement sector is meant to weed out unsafe and bogus products that prey on the desperation of ailing people,” she added.

My response- If that is so, why are there so many unregistered herbal products being widely promoted? It seems like it is used to “weed out” those who don’t offer meryenda.

  1. Puno lamented the accusations of the clinic owner, noting that she herself “is a victim of cancer”.

My response- I heard that you’re a victim of cancer. I also heard that you are getting alternative cancer treatment in the U.S. or possibly Mexico. Is that true?

  1. “I know how a cancer patient feels,” she said. “I know that a cancer victim will go for anything that promises healing and this makes the patient more vulnerable to the unverified claims from supposed natural herbal products,” she added.

My response- You don’t know how my cancer patients feel because you married a wealthy senior citizen who can provide you with the resources to get alternative medical treatments abroad. My patients are typically poor and in grave need. You have violated their rights to choice by closing my facility without due process. Also, what “unverified claims” am I making?

  1. “The fact that the products in that Tarlac-based clinic do not have the proper product registration certificates is proof that their claims are unverified, unproven and untested,” she pointed.

My response- I am not making any claims. You’re the one making claims. You have yet to approve my certificates of product registration for reasons I can only speculate. My products are tested and my natural protocols have years of documented clinical evidence. Your uninformed assertions are baseless, much like any justification of your appointment as Director of Philippines FDA.

  1. “The owner of that clinic must not mislead cancer patients relying on her promises of healing by concealing the fact that the products are not certified by accusing FDA of being unfair,” Puno said.

My response- I am not misleading anyone or making any promises. I’m not concealing the fact that my products are unregistered. This is just a rushed attempt by you to divert attention from the grave mistakes you’ve made in legal procedures. The FDA is unfair, particularly you Mrs. Puno. It’s an embarrassment to our nation that we would have someone so wholly and completely unqualified sit at the head of such an organization without significant experience or significant qualifications. Your fortunes certainly changed when you became a Puno.

  1. Puno said social media bashing “will not stop the FDA from fulfilling its mandate to protect the public’s health and well-being”.

My response- When did the FDA actually start to protect the well-being of the public? Dengvaxia? Valzartan? Vioxx? Bextra? Baycol? Rezulin? Drug pricing? Drug kickbacks? Gifts from Pharmaceutical Companies?

What EXACTLY are you doing to protect the public’s health and well-being Mrs. Puno. I’m patient and can wait for you to tell me. What are you doing to help all of the children affected by Dengvaxia? I’ll even listen to all your uhmmms, duhs, uhhhs and ermmms if you’ll explain it to me. After all, I’m still waiting for you to respond to multiple motions for reconsideration. It’s clear that I am very patient with you even as all my patients are being driven from me as a result of your actions.