Is there such a thing as a “right mindset” for cancer patients to enable them to survive Cancer Treatment or even for Cancer Recovery?

I have been asked repeatedly this question by most of my cancer patients. And I only have one answer all the time: “Yes, it is very important to have the right mindset for you to adopt so you can survive cancer treatment (if they still have to undergo chemotherapy or radiology) or even Cancer Recovery (post-treatment phase).”

What does “right mindset” mean? For me, it means having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE about life – whether or not you are sick with cancer or any debilitating disease, having a rough time at work, not communicating well with friends, family, etc.. Having a positive attitude about your sickness certainly makes it easier for you to cope with your problem – and to recover from any major sickness that you are afflicted with.

Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

I’ve had lots of personal experiences with Positive Thinking. In fact, most of my accomplishments since childhood were executed due to Positive Thinking.

I cannot imagine my life without thinking positively. Yet a lot of people – scientific people and researchers – still believe that there is no direct correlation between a positive mindset and the chance of survival among cancer patients.

In January 2008, a University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine psychologist, Dr. James C. Coyne, revealed that based on his nine-year study of 1,093 cancer patients, his research team “found no relationship between their emotional well-being and cancer progression and death”. This study contradicts earlier studies that a positive mindset does prolong the lives of a cancer patient, sometimes leading to their complete recovery from the disease.

Despite the findings of this study, I am totally convinced that a positive outlook on your cancer is your “primary ally in the fight against the Big C”! This belief is based on my daily interactions with cancer patients and on my personal experience of working with a positive attitude at all times.

Numerous case studies have come out wherein a positive mindset has generated complete healing. One very famous example is the testimonial of a lady who was featured in the movie, “The Secret”. She recounted that by thinking positively every day and watching comedy movies, she managed to reduce and totally eradicate the cancer in her breasts within 2-3 months – without chemotherapy and any invasive cancer treatment. All mind power!

How to develop Positive Thinking on an Everyday Basis

So here are a few tips that I have been following since I started my life-long commitment to serving those who cannot help themselves. You may practice all or pick out those that resonate with you.

* Get to Know Yourself First

Every successful endeavor starts with knowing ourselves first. The ancient Oracle of Delphi was famous for having engraved the following words on its entrance as a greeting to every person that sought its help. Those famous words were: “Know Thyself”.

Only by getting in touch with yourself and knowing our capabilities and our weaknesses do we manage to generate a plan of action to get ourselves well again. And that plan of action is fueled by a positive attitude and outlook towards cancer recovery and survival.

* Cultivate Positive Vibrations to attract Positive Outcomes

For those of you who have probably heard about the Law of Attraction, then you must probably know that what you think of, you attract. Basically, this law is embedded in the main fabric of life and is based on this specific truth – “what you think, you become”.

Everything in this world is governed by the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that everything, including yourself and the inanimate and animate objects in this world, is made up of energy. That energy has a specific frequency.

Now, the Law of Attraction states that you attract the things to your life that has the same vibration or frequency as you. So if you are vibrating with positive intent and love, then you attract all those positive circumstances, people, places and objects to you. If you vibrate at a negative frequency, then all you attract are also negative people, objects, circumstances and other things that vibrate at a negative frequency.

So if you think positive, you attract positive things to you.

* Visualize your Intended POSITIVE OUTCOME

Most achievers in this life have attested to the wisdom of one of the greatest minds of all history – that of the founder of Buddhism – Gautama Buddha. He is famously quoted for this line, “What we think we become”.

This means that if we VISUALIZE a positive outcome for ourselves, then that visualization or outcome becomes true for us. This particular method applies to combatting cancer. If we think and believe that we will not only survive but become totally free of our cancer disease, then that future outcome becomes our reality.

* Be Compassionate to Yourself

More often than not, we are not kind to ourselves and instead, blame our misfortunes on our shortcomings. It is important to note that sometimes, we cannot control ALL circumstances no matter how much we try. It is important to be easy on ourselves and instead, work on cultivating a positive mindset to trigger the road to recovery.

Well, those are my tips that have been working positively for me all these years. How about you – do you have any tips on how to cultivate a positive mindset?

Image by geralt / CC BY 2.0