Since a child, I’ve always wanted to help people, most especially those who can’t help themselves. That’s because someone else helped me to find my self-confidence.

That someone was my Third Grade teacher. She, not only helped me to believe in myself and what I can do, but also taught me to ask questions. To never settle for less.

This is the same attitude and outlook I apply with my cancer patients now. I probe and I ask questions. I never settle for less or take things at face value. And I expect my patients to do the same when faced with a challenging and debilitating disease like Cancer.

Being a Cancer patient is a humbling experience. It teaches us about our mortality – that we are placed in this world for a limited time only. Therefore, we need to focus more on the things that matter most to us. It gives us a purpose in life. So to me, Cancer is a teacher of life.

Our patients come from all walks of life and every part of the globe. Each has a different background but each is connected to each other through a common experience — the Big C. It is also a humbling experience for me because it strives me to do better. To continue to hone my skills as a doctor and a naturopathist every day. So I can apply the best cure for my patients. And if the cure is not there, then I continue to find it.

I don’t think or remember turning away a patient from our doors – ever! Most of our patients are almost always at the end of their rope. Some have been turned away from even the most prestigious hospitals and famous medical doctors in the country and even abroad, with a diagnosis that says, “There is nothing we can do for you now,” or “Perhaps you would like to avail yourself of palliative care?”.

At Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical Center, we are into a much more humane, rational and effective way of treating cancer – and that is what makes the big difference!

The Farrah Difference in Cancer Treatment

If someone asks me what my medical philosophy is, I will outrightly say, “Patients and Doctors must work together at all times!”. This is the core of our Integrative Approach to Cancer Treatment. It addresses the root cause of the cancer, not just the effects; requires drastic lifestyle changes; and develops a game plan that is both realistic and manageable for the patient’s success.

Let me explain our process in detail so you can decide for yourself if our kind of treatment is for you.

* Dr. Farrah’s Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment process is to find the root cause of the cancer and in so doing, undergoes a systemic elimination of toxins which thus eradicate both the cause and effects of the disease. Modern and highly advanced (supposedly) cancer treatments now like radiation and chemotherapy addresses only the problem of the cancer without determining the cause. This is definitely not a great way of treating and curing cancer. Most of the time the disease comes back because the cause of the cancer was not adequately diagnosed nor attended to.

So our 1st step is to analyze the general condition of the patient.

* The 2nd step is to diagnose the location of the cancer.

* The 3rd step is to estimate the amount of damage done by the cancer, either by the cancer itself or by prior treatments like radiation therapy, surgery or chemotherapy. Once all of these factors are determined, we prescribe a specific treatment that is custom-fit for the patient.

There is no “one size fits all” treatment in cancer treatments. Each individual patient is a unique case. Therefore, we prescribe a treatment that is most suitable for him/her.

Integrative Medicine Concepts

Our Integrative Medicine approach is based on using conventional medicine concepts with alternative therapies or treatments that may alleviate or eradicate the effects of traditional cancer treatment. For instance, we might complement the patient’s ongoing conventional anti-cancer pills with our natural healthy drink therapies and a body massage using herbs for optimum effect.

However, the difference with our Integrative Medicine approach with that of others is we use ALL NATURAL ALTERNATIVE CANCER TREATMENTS for our patients.

Thus, the cornerstone of our treatment is the use of our all-natural Boston C health drink with other non-invasive, non-chemotherapy and non-radiology based cancer treatments (I will discuss more about Boston C and its “almost miraculous” effects on cancer eradication in a separate blog post!).

So going back to the main point we raised in this article – why is our Integrative Medicine Approach better than the conventional, highly technical approach of most doctors? The results of our approach are the indicators of effectivity. No other cancer clinic except ours has a highly documented success rate of treating and curing cancers. For those who think that statement seems to be a far stretch, then kindly see our table of Survival Rates for Stage 4 cancer cases listed below:

So are you already convinced about Dr. Farrah’s Approach to Cancer Treatment as a better one for curing cancer? Let your opinions count by sharing it in the comments below!

Image by Dr Farrah Cancer Center / CC BY 2.0