Is the government agency supposed to maintain people’s wellness, internally corrupt? Let’s give ourselves the benefit of the doubt at this terrible situation.

Robert Califf was nominated to be the next Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He was a former professor of cardiology at Duke University School of Medicine. He was known as a hard worker in the medical field. One of his accomplishments was the approval of a drug that lowers cholesterol in which he was the lead analyst.

With these medical credentials that Califf obtained, it seems like he is a good guy; just like how most people see FDA as a trustworthy organization. Let’s say Califf will be in charge of the regulation of new drugs being placed at the market, considering his great achievements in the medical industry, no wonder he’ll catch the heart of the public.

However, a report from New York Times gave some intrusions to his strong medical character. It was reported that he is deeply connected to the pharmaceutical industry, than on the FDA.

“He has deeper ties to the pharmaceutical industry than any FDA commissioner in recent memory. In addition, some public health advocates question whether his background could tilt him in the direction of an industry he would be in charge of supervising.” – New York Times

Califf ran a multi-million-dollar clinical research center at Duke University, while former FDA commissioner, Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, just came from a public health field. Dr. Califf’s clinical research center was receiving more than 60 percent of its funding from industries. In addition, Califf’s article at European Heart Journal in his “conflict-of-interest” section, gain financial support from more than 20 companies, declared.

There have been findings in two studies that made Robert Califf’s nomination as the new FDA Commissioner, exacerbated. One of which is the study that concluded the FDA’s expedited pathways programs (which rushes new, experimental drugs to market under the presumption they’ll help sick people quicker) provide no correlation to an increase in true innovation of drugs. These drugs should not have been expedited in the first place.

Another is the study that revealed the FDA approved supplemental indication drugs in spite of knowing the fact that the quality of evidence for this drugs’ effectiveness in other areas is based on limited data.

With all these things, the truth is — generally, government institutions like FDA which supposed to be protecting us, we’re just being carried away by the bribe of some egotistical business corporation. How can we trust the government agency that wasn’t putting people’s health and safety, first? The best thing that we can do is to make ourselves aware, informed, and educated with all the possible things concerning our health because at the end of the day, we are the ones who could truly protect ourselves, not anybody else.

Image by Artist / CC0 1.0