“Egregious” and “pervasive” — terms used to call the violations of a major pharmaceutical testing laboratory, the Houston office of Cetero Research. This verdict came from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and yet, FDA still allowed these drugs to remain on the shelves of pharmacies despite of knowing that these medicines were unsafe, and did not undergo new tests.

Patrick Stone, retired FDA agent, investigated a former employee of Houston office of Cetero Research because of allegations which states that the lab had tampered records and manipulated test data.

Chinna Pamidi, testing facility president, showed Stone the documents representing a five-year data acquired from 1,400 drug trials. Pamidi frankly acknowledged that much of the lab’s work are fraudulent.

Based partly on the files that were presented to Stone, FDA concluded that the violations made by the lab were “egregious”  and “pervasive”. The studies made by the lab between April 2005 to August 2009 might be bogus and useless.

The threat for everyone’s health is absolutely serious. About 100+ drugs, which include sophisticated chemotherapy compounds and addictive painkillers, were allowed to be sold at several markets in United States. Most of these drugs were generic versions of some branded drugs and the rest were new medicines that require much study to be proven safe.

Stone said that he is anticipating a move from the FDA to urgently force new testings for those drugs and to give a public warning to patients and doctors. However, the agency handled the matter silently. They evaluated those medicines without any public disclosure of their findings. FDA did not also pulled out any of those drugs in the market and in fact, some of those medicines remain at the market until now, despite of having no supporting evidences of safety and effectiveness.

“In hindsight I look back and I’m like, ‘Wow, should I be proud of this?’…. “It’s cool that I was part of it, but it’s crap…. How could we let this go so long?” -Stone said

How can we trust the government firm that wasn’t putting people’s health and safety first? Let’s make ourselves aware, informed, and educated on things concerning our health. We can also let everyone know of this agency’s fraudulent activities so that other people, especially our love ones, can also be conscious of their medicine and food intake.

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