Attorney Jonathan Emord says that the FDA’s system of drug review is designed to protect and advance the interest of the drug industry. This is contrary to the main role FDA is supposed to play in the government. “A lot of people don’t realize this but; FDA never tests the drugs it approves” Atty. Emord added.

A lot of news has been circulating about FDA’s “small table” permitting private meetings with pharmaceutical companies. Emord also reveals that FDA does NO INDEPENDENT TESTING AT ALL, relying entirely on the testing done by the proponent of the drug application which is a complete conflict of interest.

FDA’s primary role is to protect the interest of the people through testing the safety of drugs circulating in the market. However, this doesn’t happen in reality. There have been multiple corruptions within this process. Negative or false information are kept away from the FDA which always leads to questionably approved drugs.

Attorney Emord elaborated this by stating Sanofi-Aventis as an example. According to him, the said company claimed that there have been clinical trials made to test their drugs. However, upon FDA’s medical review, they have discovered that these trials didn’t really happen. They were used specifically to support their claims about Ketec (a super antibiotic) unfortunately; it was found out that Sanofi-Aventis made it all up.

This incident has led to FBI investigations and prosecutions. The FDA medical reviewers suggested that this should be reported as fraud, but instead, the FDA commissioner granted it and put Ketec in the market! The medical information associated to this drug was from the “clinical trials” that never existed. This is how it goes within the FDA.

How can we trust the efficacy and safety of the drugs in the market now? Does this mean that drugs were rejected by the FDA because they failed to pay the needed amount even if they’re proven safe and effective? Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical Center’s products were not FDA approved and yet, hundreds of thousands of patients testify of its effectiveness and safety.

If real life stories couldn’t get you to believe, do you need FDA to convince you? Here is their way to protect you. Read it for yourself.