Lately, there’s much talk about cannabis, particularly cannabis oil being used for some serious, debilitating diseases – with very successful results! And even though the news about its curative powers has been spread by word of mouth, still, the mainstream media do not like featuring the story in the papers (something similar to the dearth of information about the Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical Center in the local papers too).

The mainstream media are usually manipulated by their advertisers who happen to count among them, pharmaceutical companies and big hospital providers. Their silence on the issue about cannabis oil as a cure for diseases is fodder for contemplation but not surprising.

Here are four reasons why you should seriously consider cannabis oil for your health and the science that backs it up:

Cannabis can help those with cancer and cancerous tumors

There’s a lot of stories about people reversing or being cured of cancer and other debilitating diseases with cannabis. In fact, one of the more popular success stories about the healing effects of cannabis oil is that of Rick Simpson of Canada.

Rick was suffering with a brain injury and diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome which left him with a permanent ringing in the ears. When he took cannabis oil, the ringing stopped, his skin cancer disappeared, and his health improved. Because of that, he decided to grow and make his own cannabis oil and sharing the oil sometimes with people in his area who need it most like him.

To make a long story short, he was accosted by government authorities of growing the weed illegally. That didn’t stop him from lobbying in government for the medicinal use of cannabis.

Now, Canada is one of the legal producers of medical cannabis oil and shares their bounty with the world.

When it comes to scientific studies, the Complutense University of Madrid actually conducted a study on cannabis and found out that brain cancer cells commit suicide after being treated with cannabis oil, while all the time, the healthy cells were unaffected. This is definitely a much better and safer approach to cancer than chemotherapy.

Cannabis can serve as an alternative to opioids

Opioids have been used for some time to provide pain relief to a lot of patients. However, because of the addictive quality of opioids, it has received a lot of bad rap. Why not try cannabis oil which is even more effective than opioids?

For instance, an Israeli study of cannabis use among the elderly yielded a 93.7% number of participants noticed improvements in their pain symptoms with a fifth of the users quitting or reducing their use of opioid analgesics after 6 months.

The study’s authors concluded that cannabis can be used as an effective and safe solution for easing pain among the elderly. In fact, more than 115 Americans are dying every day because of opioid overdose. Cannabis can remedy this problem.

Cannabis helps against the development of dementia

Almost 50 million people around the world are suffering from dementia. Based on scientific studies, Cannabis can reverse or retard the aging process of the brain and improve certain mental processes, making it an effective solution against dementia.

Cannabis can protect people who drink alcohol from liver disease

University of Massachusetts Medical School researchers attest to cannabis being able to lower the chances of developing fatty liver, liver cancer, and cirrhosis among alcohol users. Not that we want alcoholics to thrive because we now have cannabis to mitigate the side effects of alcohol abuse. But this is the results of the study conducted by the Massachusetts University people.

So, don’t close your eyes and ears to the medicinal and health-giving uses of cannabis oil. Unfortunately, the use of cannabis is still outlawed in the Philippines except for some very limited medical cases. But do check out out information at,, and