Cholesterol is an organic substance found naturally in every cell of the body. Producing hormones, generating vitamin D, and digesting foods is its most important functions. It can be taken from food or produced by the body. Cholesterol is essential for maintaining good health and only becomes a problem when its level in the body is too high. It can be obtained from fishes, meat, and eggs.

For years, we put our uttermost attention to what the media and medical doctors prescribe. We were told to pop in drugs whenever we have high cholesterol, but even with these prescribed drugs, many still suffers from heart attacks, stroke, and worst … death.

Perfect Level of Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is not a determiner of one’s chances of survival nor death. Every single person has its own perfect cholesterol level. You can achieve the best cholesterol for your body’s needs by eating organic foods, getting enough sleep, exercise, and keeping your body hydrated.

LDL (low-density lipoprotein) considered to be as a bad cholesterol and HDL (high-density lipoprotein) as a good cholesterol. These are the things that we were told about. However, these concepts were not true. The LDL and HDL both contributes to the proper maintenance of the immune system and transportation of vital nutrients within the body; so technically, we both need them in order to achieve the optimum capacity of our bodily functions.

Cancers that are Better Treated with High Cholesterol

“The higher the cholesterol, the better!” Who would have thought this could be true? Below are the types of cancer which can be treated better if patients have high cholesterol level:

  1. Prostate Cancer – patients with higher level of LDL have a higher chance of survival after harsh conventional treatments such as radiation and prostatectomy.
  2. Lung Cancer – patients with higher cholesterol level have 67% lower risk of dying from lung cancer according to a recent study.
  3. Breast Cancer – Women have 39% lower risk of developing melanoma,  lymphoma, or leukemia when they have the highest cholesterol level.
  4. Pancreatic Cancer – Men have 48% lower risk of having pancreatic cancer along with 33% of non-melanoma skin cancer, 32% lower risk of lymphoma or leukemia, and 86% lower risk of gallbladder cancer, when they have the highest cholesterol level.
  5. Colorectal Cancer – People who have higher cholesterol levels are mostly protected from having colorectal cancer as opposed to those who have lower levels.

Lower your Cancer Risk and Finding your Perfect Cholesterol Level

If your doctor is measuring your total cholesterol, ask for advanced lipid testing to check your LDL and HDL particles. It is important to know the number and size of every particle because it is much applicable than measuring the total cholesterol. The ratio of LDL and HDL is the best analyst of all lipid limitations, they have their very own unique purpose on our body.

Finding your perfect cholesterol level and perfect lipids numbers are very important. Always remember that cholesterol is not always bad and it is indeed, needed by the body to achieve its optimal functioning. You just need to watch how your lipids go together, then you’re good to go!