If you’ve been living in the cities and urban areas of the country, you would probably have a lot of fluoride in your bodily systems from the fluoridated water and crop irrigation systems that you’ve been sourcing your water for decades. Even though you might believe that you take in fluoride in small doses, there’s no such thing as “safe doses”.

The key word here is “accumulation”. Decades of accumulation of fluoride in your body tissues may create health problems, among which are cancer, DNA damage, thyroid disruption, hormone disruption, Alzheimer’s Disease, and pineal gland dysfunction.

2 Types of Fluorides

Two types of fluoride can contaminate your water supply. Calcium Fluoride is commonly found in water from wells as well as supplied by water aquifers. It is not as toxic as the waste material you find from phosphate mined fertilizer or aluminum plants that are added to water supplies.

The 2nd most common form of fluoride placed into water supplies as part of a “profitable way” of complying with EPA toxic waste removal is Hydrofluorosilicic acid (this chemical is also used as “rat poison”). But I’ll discuss only sodium fluoride right now as the more toxic synthetic version of the naturally occurring calcium fluoride.

There are halogens which compete with thyroid receptors for the body’s needed iodine, which can sometimes confuse your thyroid functions and overall metabolism. These receptors are called bromine (bromides). Bromides are used in commercially made bread – that’s why it’s more recommended to buy bread from specialty bakeshops and bakeries that don’t use bromides.

One brand in the U.S. which sells non-brominated bread is Whole Foods Bakery.

Chlorine and Fluorine

Chlorine is the chemical used in potable water supplies – and swimming pools! And lastly, Fluorides or Fluorine can either be natural or synthetic.

There is a reason why we need to supplement our food with food grade iodine – to ensure that these halogens won’t block iodine in thyroid receptors. Use of iodine supplements has shown some capability to detox some existing fluorides/fluorine in the body by passing through urine. 

The Role of Pharma drugs in Fluoride Generation

Perhaps highly unknown to most people is that around one-third of our current crop of pharmaceutical drugs are sources of fluoride. The fluorine molecule is placed there by the pharmaceutical companies to reduce the use of other components of the drug; in other words, they use fluoride as a cost-saving tool.

Also, fluoridation helps drugs pass the blood-brain barrier, facilitating the effectivity of psychotropic drugs. Fluorination also helps certain drugs to permeate certain cells in the body, such as fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Avelox, Cipro, Levaquin, etc. – very potent drugs but with very serious side effects such as paralysis, torn ligaments or death.

Methods to eliminate or reduce Fluoride Contamination

The first step is to reduce imbibing these fluoride toxins in your water. Purifying your water source by Reverse Osmosis or Distillation is an excellent start for reducing fluoride contamination through water sources.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is 80% effective in removing fluorides from your water source. If you can install your own RO system — well and good! If not, any of those water purifiers sold in health food stores and even large groceries would do.

 Maintenance is high using a combination of RO and charcoal filtration. Your filters have to be changed frequently as in monthly. Even boiling water doesn’t eradicate fluorides. In fact, boiling water will make the fluorides more concentrated and may permeate your food.

But it’s possible to distill water to be almost 100% free of fluorine. You also need to add minerals to your RO or distilled water or it may chelate the minerals out of your body. You can buy trace mineral drops to put in your distilled or RO water from health food stores. Or, a pinch of unprocessed sea salt per pint of water will help remineralize your RO filtered or distilled water.

Magnesium is also an important mineral that a lot of people seem to be lacking. It is used to enhance metabolism and synthesis of nutrients in your cells. It also prevents the absorption of fluoride into your cells. That is why it is important to imbibe calcium also to help attract fluoride away from our teeth and bones in order for the body to eliminate it. So, make sure you include a supplemental dose of calcium or magnesium that can be absorbed by your body as part of your habit.

Other supplements you need to take in for removing fluoride from your body are:

* Vitamin D3 (from sunlight)

* K-2 (extracted from nattokinase)

* cholecalciferol

And magnesium oil helps calcium go where it should – and not into our soft tissues like our inner arterial walls and the controversial pineal gland where calcium can collect, calcify and create inflammation.

Other Things to Facilitate Fluoride Detox 

* Boron. You can remove fluoride and detoxify your system using boron. The easiest way to source boron is by eating organic apples. Using a mild solution of borax without additives (use pure borax and the way to detect this is to smell if it has a detergent odor; if it has, then it’s impure) and put in fluoride-free or distilled water. You can get them as tablets sold as supplements or order online.

* Vitamin C helps in fluoride detoxification. Take powdered ascorbic acid, perhaps a teaspoon of juice. Add to a half or full teaspoon of bicarbonate or baking soda as a buffer to pure water so that it raises the pH level of the WATER to create alkalinity. Mix and drink when the fizz stops.

* Dry Saunas accompanied by regular exercise helps release sodium fluoride from fatty tissues. This technique can also create intense side effects that may lead to a healing crisis. But this will help you to release those toxins from the body.

* Other compounds that chelate – powdered zeolite, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth and detox techniques like coffee enemas and gallbladder flushes are helpful to flush the toxic waste version of sodium fluoride. 

Do you know other techniques that can remove fluoride from the body? Share in the comments below!


Image by Seth DuBois / CC BY 2.0