The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, wrote an article published at the regarding the current situation of Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch whose clinic was recently raided by the FDA which illegally enforced closure.

In his article entitled; ‘Philippine[s] government conducts armed raid of natural health clinic; hundred of patients thrown to the streets… Dr. Farrah forced to flee after entire family death treated’, the Health Ranger expressed his awe as to how a simple doctor, such as Dr. Farrah, receives so much support from the people all because of her great contribution in the field of medicine.

“Widely known for helping cancer patients heal and beat cancer without resorting to toxic chemotherapy or radiotherapy, Dr. Farrah has become something of a healthcare legend in the Philippines, with fan sites like touting her successful holistic treatments. (Running afoul of the ‘for-profit’ cancer industry, of course, gets you targeted by pharmaceutical operatives who depend on a steady stream of sick patients for their profit models.”

Mike, having the same experience, perfectly knew how it really goes when a lowly, passionate, doctor who just wants to help her patients heal, becomes an easy target for the Big Pharmas and the FDA.

“Dr. Farrah is a licensed medical doctor with over three million followers on her Facebook page. She promotes nutritional therapies and avoidance of toxic medications or chemotherapy. Because of her advocacy of natural medicine, she has been demonized, terrorized and now death-threatened by pro-pharma elements working in conjunction with the FDA of the Philippines government.”

Adams also shared his interview with Dr. Farrah in this particular article (you can read the full article here). In the video, Dr. Farrah showed Mike a text message containing a warning coming from a concerned person who strongly advised her to be careful as there are people luring around her, aiming to take her whole family down.

Here’s a transcription of the full message:

“Doc Farrah, this is for own safety. I received a message from a very reliable source, that they are putting a team together to take out your whole family. This might happen very soon. Stay safe and may God protect you.”

With this disturbing message, Dr. Farrah and her family were forced to flee for their own safety.


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GoFundMe is a link launched by Dr. Farrah in order to raise funds, purposely for the legal defense providing patient’s the freedom of healthcare choice. Your donation will be a big help in putting an end to big pharma’s fraud in hindering the progress of natural medicine and steal the patients’ options for a safer and cheaper medical products and services.

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“This amazing doctor, who had a world-famous clinic where patients could be seen for free, had to suddenly close its doors” Erin Elizabeth of

Dr. Farrah’s battle already reached out and alarmed the international health writers. This is how Dr. Farrah fights for the well-being of the Filipino people; she’s risking her very own life to enable others lengthen theirs. How far would you go for the benefit of others? If you’re scared to fight for freer health options, Dr. Farrah is braver to fight for you. Support Dr. Farrah.