What are the telltale signs that your body needs a DETOX? Sometimes the signs are so obviously all over you but you can’t notice it – or just too busy that you tend to ignore them.

Either way, a good detox does wonders for your health – and sometimes you don’t even have to spend anything to do it!

Here are a list of indicators to convince you to go to your doctor or nutritionist friend for that much-needed detox:

* Persistently tired and out of sorts

Now this is not your regular fatigue although sometimes your work and that Boss of yours might be the reasons for it. You know there’s something wrong when you get enough sleep and sleep on time – but you’re still tired most of the time. It could be adrenal fatigue – but you can’t be too sure until you consult a doctor.

* You eat lots of healthy foods but still have the blahs!

You’ve been heaping up on green salads and organic fruit shakes but you still feel very blah and your stomach seems to be queasy most of the time. The possibility of abundant toxins in your blood might be the cause – and a reason to detox!

* Your stomach tends to be queasy more often

One of the most important signs a detox is needed ASAP! Gassy stomach, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and other digestive ailments plague you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a digestive system reboot? Kale smoothies are supposed to be great for this kind of problem. Our recommendation is to review your diet and eat according to the 5 important food groups.

Also, you might be overloading your stomach of unnecessary food so make sure you meet a nutritionist to give you a much healthier meal plan.

* Your seasonal allergies are not seasonal anymore

A weak immune system is a result of a weak stomach. And since your sinus is connected to your stomach, your allergies also tend to be triggered. Detox!

* You crave SUGAR!

Processed foods like cakes and cookies can trigger a higher blood sugar and wacky leptin hormones to crave for more carbohydrates. Go for a detox, then load up for organic vegetables and fruits that will stave off your sugar needs.

* Your joints creak and are always painful

If your joints are always painful even if you’re just climbing the front steps to your house, it’s time to have a detox to remove all that rich food that is causing your joints to be inflamed.

* You can’t seem to manage your weight

Ever noticed that your weight seems to be see-sawing once in a while? Or you get those sudden food cravings leading to a sudden weight gain? Get rid of those extra pounds in your body with a detox!

* Your skin tends to break out

Your skin’s texture is a very accurate indicator of the state of your health. Zits all over your place plus a lackluster color means you need to detox to regain your skin’s former healthy appearance and elasticity.

* You constantly have mood swings and anxiety attacks

Your diet is replete with foods that cause inflammation leading to regular moods swings, panic attacks and sometimes, depression. Make sure you eat a lot more green and leafy vegetables. Turmeric is good as an anti-inflammation food.

* Your sleeping habits are awry.

This is again attributed to hormonal issue and probably adrenal fatigue. Go have your detox and then use tea tree oil or lavender oil to get yourself a good night’s sleep.

* You smell terribly.

No, it has nothing to do with taking showers more often. All the toxins are coming out of your skin pores in terms of an offensive smell. Time to get yourself detoxed.

Any other tips you’d like to share about how to detect if you need a DETOX already? Share in the comments section below!

Image by monikabaechler / CC BY 2.0