A recent study released by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), revealed that $30.2 billion dollars is being spent by the Americans for complementary health approaches, annually! With these figures on the plate, it is clear that more people are starting to reject conventional medicines while being wise on spending on natural health remedies.

One out of five Americans over the age of 4, are reported to spend at least one complementary health approach amounting to $510 per year, researchers say. These approaches include tai chi, massage therapy, homeopathic treatment, energy healing therapy, chiropractic manipulation, and hypnosis, Natural news reported. Moreover, natural supplements such as fish oil, probiotics, and digestive enzymes are now becoming popular than actual visits to health practitioners.

Natural supplements spend are not covered by health insurances, and therefore, are mostly consumed by families with higher incomes than those which gain lesser. Also, a recent finding also states that $12.8 billion is spent on natural products alone in 2012, which is about a quarter of the money spent on prescription drugs spent on the same year, amounting to $54 billion.

“People are fed up with the type of care they get from primary physicians that is covered by insurance. Across the board, people are looking for ways to stay healthy on their own” says former FDA Director of Dietary Supplement Programs, and now the National Products Association’s Executive Director, Daniel Fabricant.

At an average, a doctor sees 40 patients a day, spending only 7 minutes with each. With this short amount of time, patients tend to look for other ways to stay healthy rather than spending money on “short-timed” consultations.

Lost Trust on Big Pharma

Thanks to the many side effects of prescribed drugs, people are now fully aware of the deceitful practices of Big Pharmaceutical companies who are the masters of overpriced medications! Drugs which do not cure problems and just leave patients worse than before, people are now searching for more “credible” researches than the deceptive research tactics of Pharma firms.

According to The Economist, Americans spend a massive 20.9 percent of their total household expenditures on health costs, far higher than other countries! As more people recognize that Big Pharma profits from people being sick, they are becoming more interested in alternative options. Consequently, consumers also now prefer organic produce than conventionally grown products. It has been revealed that organic sales raised up to 72%, totalling $4 billion from 2008 until 2017!

Enough is enough. People are tired of the countless lies made by the Big Pharma. They can’t be fooled by the harmful chemicals found in synthetic medications, nor the harsh pesticides on their fruits and vegetables, anymore! Hopefully, these improvements continue to flourish from then on; where people invest in natural health and organic foods, rather than fatal medications.