Pink ribbons seem to stand as the “best” symbol in promoting breast cancer awareness. And so, a foundation gains millions of funds from people who support its cause. Seeing pink ribbons, or buying products with this symbol, mean we support breast cancer research. Or at least, this is how we know we are doing… or what they want us to believe.

The greatest marketing strategy — targeting people’s emotions. Considering that 1 out of 8 women can develop breast cancer in her lifetime, the cause of Susan G. Komen, the Komen’s Foundation, becomes noble. Fortunately for this Breast Cancer Foundation, its drive generates a lot of money to fund breast cancer researches and treatment advancements. How sad it is to see that this multi-million dollar company put so little on actually finding the cure for breast cancer despite of acquiring assets totalling over $390 million.

According to Charity Navigator, the foundation reported a total revenue of nearly $312 million in the fiscal year ending in March 2010. However, AlterNet breaks down how this huge amount was actually spent by Komen’s Foundation. Here’s how it is divided:

  • 13% for health screening
  • 6% for treatment
  • 10% for fundraising
  • 3% for administrative costs
  • 1 for public education

Only 20.9% of the funds actually go to breast cancer research, despite of the Foundation’s advertised mission, “search for the cure.” Although the figures above seem reasonable, there is something on its variables that is confusing.

For instance, take public education, which is an important component for breast cancer prevention and early detection. Do we know what is actually being taught to the people? Komen’s Foundation’s so-called “public education” does not mention eating healthy foods, taking cancer-preventing Vitamin D, or reducing sugar intake which feeds the cancer cells, which are all scientifically proven to prevent cancer.

Does finding the cure equates to promoting awareness and screening for early detection of breast cancer? NO. Curing cancer is not being aware that you can get it, nor treating it in the early stage in the hopes of remission. But why does Komen’s foundation promote these instead of actually finding the cure?

Don’t Get Yourselves Deceived

It’s sickening to know that they’re targeting people’s emotions instead of the goal they’ve set, how inhumane this Foundation could be! Gathering donations from people, making them believe they are helping to find the cure for breast cancer, giving false hopes; these are devastatingly wicked!

Added to this are their products which have been known to be carcinogenic! A coined term was even created to describe their doings — Pinkwashing. This is the word used to define the deceptive activity of the Komen’s Foundation, as well as the companies joining them. These joint forces sell carcinogenic personal care products which are highly advertised on the market despite their contents. With no efforts put on research and education, this is what’s happening.

There are so many potential cures!

Why are we supporting people using “cancer cure” as their bait, when they put NOTHING in researches and studies? Why aren’t they researching about alternative cancer treatments? There are so many potential cures! If only substantial amount of money was really put forth for researches, there could have been significant improvements in cancer statistics today. Does Komen’s foundation think of people, first? With all these on the plate, profit may have been the primary target.

Image by Artist / CC0 1.0