4 Easy Steps to a Quick Detox

4 Easy Steps to a Quick Detox

How many times have we had to face this scenario – office party with unlimited free buffet food, copious amounts of liquor and partying non-stop until dawn? Free food at the office – breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner? Pizza, mocha mud pie and lots of fizzy soft drinks upon a friend’s promotion?

And if the scenarios above happen at least once every month, then our poor bodies need not just a vacation from all the eating and the boozing. We need a FULL BODY DETOX!

Our livers and gallbladders sure need a helping hand with all that food we just ingested. The thing is, people don’t realize that it doesn’t take much preparation to do a DETOX. Sometimes, all we need to do is just buy the products or foods that need to be in our DETOX PLAN, spend some time inside your house one day to chill out and let the world go by for once.

Cleanse with Water

Good, clean water is the foundation of your detox program. This is no wonder to us since our bodies are made up of 60%-70% water. By drinking water, we manage to flush out all the toxins in our body. A caveat to this is to flush out water from our bodies, we need to make frequent trips to the bathroom or sweat it out in hard or slightly hard exercise.

How many glasses of water do you need to flush out all those toxins from the body? The Food and Nutrition Board which is now part of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) came up with a figure of 11-15 glasses of water every day – or more depending on the level of thirst.

At this time, getting into a water cleanse is easy as making a trip to the corner grocery store or mom and pop’s store where you have various kinds of water available – oxygenated, filtered, natural mineralized water, sparkling water. All are not so expensive and within everyone’s budget.

Here is a simple cleansing exercise using warm water and lemon slices that I learned from a famous health resort. In the early morning, after you wake up, heat some drinking water in a cup or mug. Slice a lemon and let a few drops of it fall onto your warm water.

Sip the water slowly for 30 minutes before you have your breakfast. This early morning habit irrigates your system and clears away any toxins. Do this every morning.

Simplify your Food Intake at Least Once a Week

Make a promise to yourself that at least once a week, probably during the weekend, that you will eat only simple, light and easily digestible meals. This will give your digestive system a “holiday” or respite from eating oily, processed, and hard to digest food during the week.

If you think you are up to the challenge, you can eat at least one out of three meals a day a simple food without processed or oily food.

Colon Cleanse or Liver Cleanse?

Once in a while, we need to cleanse either our colon or liver so our bodies can operate at optimum levels. But should we do the colon cleanse or the liver cleanse?

Find a colonic hydrotherapist or a nutritionist who can advise you on the best way to do a cleanse of either organs or both. Remember that our liver actually screens and cleanses our blood while the colon is that part of our anatomy which absorbs and discharges the food we eat.

For steps on how to do a liver cleanse, do check out our blog post on that here:

Get In Touch with your Higher Self

Part of the detox process involves getting rid of all the stress and emotional baggage that brings us down in our family life and work life. To do this, we need to get in touch with our Higher Self or our Inner Child. Eastern therapies and practices like Meditation, Yoga or even just simple Breathing Exercises can do wonders to detox our systems from the daily stresses of life.

Try to make time for this, especially on your rest days. Or even schedule a Date with yourself by setting a time to do running or trekking in nature, or any physical exercise you enjoy in a setting that you would love.

All these exercises will certainly help your Detox Program a smashing success!

Do you have any more suggestions for a most successful and effective Detox Program? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Image by SoFuego / CC BY 2.0