I once read a post by a famous cancer survivor turned blogger about “The Three Things that Cause Cancer”. He said these three things are “Diet and Lifestyle, Environmental Toxins and Stress”.

When I read his post, I realized that all those 7 words summarized all of the things I’ve been experiencing and telling my patients every day for the last 17 years.  I basically told them that your cancer is caused by any of these 3 factors – and probably more.

I keep telling my patients that to survive their cancer, they need to find out which of these factors is the real cause of their cancer – and work on that!

So let’s discuss the first factor or cause.

Your Diet and Lifestyle are Most Important

We live in a very advanced society where most of our daily diet is based on processed foods, GMO-based foods (genetically modified), microwaved foods. These refined foods already carry harmful chemicals that are usually banned in the US or European countries but are still being sold in most Third World Countries in Asia or South America.

We need to get back to basics – to enjoy eating organically grown and pesticide-free vegetables and fruits. If you are a cancer patient, you need to cut all dairy products and processed foods from your daily diet. You need to eat raw foods, especially foods that are rich in cancer-killing nutrients.

Ever notice that in countries like in Thailand and Vietnam, the incidence of cancer and cancer patients is not as high as those living in the US or in Europe? Why? Because both cultures have a strong influence on vegetarianism or on eating a vegetable-based diet and less red meat or processed foods.

Take a look at this website for various recommended foods that fight cancer or when being treated for cancer: www.treatingcancer.org.

Lifestyle is something that you need to observe and change if you haven’t done so yet. If your eating habit is to eat junk food at the nearest McDonalds’s and Jollibee outlet, then think again. There must be something you can focus on instead of anticipating your weekly drinking trysts overloaded with barbecued fat-laden food with your friends every Friday or Saturday evening.

Every little thing counts in the struggle to remain healthy and strong.

Environmental Pollution

You don’t need to go very far to realize that environmental contaminants are all around us – in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the food we eat – even in nature itself like a drop of rain (contaminants in the air mix with rain when it falls down to the ground).

A very simple example are the corn fields that are all around our region of the country which is Tarlac, Pampanga. When I was just a small kid, I would see farmers carrying these steel containers on their backs with something that looks like a sprinkler system.

At first, I thought it was water that the lowly farmer was pumping out from that metal container/little tank on his back. Apparently, I found out later that it was an herbicide being sprayed on all the corn to prevent obviously pests from infesting on the corn.

Up to now, such scenes of pesticide-spraying men with tanks on their banks is a common sight all throughout the Philippines. And the results are devastating because pesticide has an effect on the decline of the local animal and insect population in the area.

For instance, a most common pesticide being used now is Roundup from Monsanto. This pesticide has been banned in the European Community for the last 30 years because clinical studies show it causes horrendous tumors in rats. And the entry point to the human body is – where else – through food and air.

So yes, even though toxins are everywhere, we can still do our little part in reducing those toxins in our bodies by drinking filtered water, eating non-GMO food, and less processed foods. We can also do our little bit by patronizing only the products of companies that are friendly to the environment.


It has been studied in several clinical studies that the body reacts negatively to STRESS factors by developing diseases. When you hold stress constantly in your body, your immune system weakens. My advice is to reduce your stress levels either by Mindfulness Meditation, yoga or be active in at least one sport or physical activity. Running around the block or taking a 15-minute walk in your nearest park is a great help already for reducing stress levels.

How about you? Do you have any other ideas or factors that cause cancer? Share in the comments below.