How did a medical clinic in Victoria, Tarlac become one of the most famous cancer treatment facilities in the World? We decided to find out. Just 2 hours from Manila, in the countryside of Tarlac province, we found the Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical Center. I was awestruck to see hundreds of people from all over the Philippines, and other countries who came that day. How had I not heard about this beautiful farm-based facility where celebrities, captains of industry, government officials, and even royalty go?

I sat down with the world-renowned director, Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch, M.D. I was shocked to learn she never charges for patient visits or exams. She believes everyone has the right to consult with a doctor free of charge. She said, “If you take your car to the best mechanic around, they don’t charge for consultations. So, why should a doctor.”

Dr. Farrah successfully treats cancer, diabetes, hypertension, CKD, Lupus & countless other health issues. Her successes in the treatment of cancer, even stage 4 cancers are particularly noteworthy and highly documented. She has been responsible for the treatment of over 100,000 patients since she became a doctor.

The Dr. Farrah protocols were created 16 years ago. They’re scientifically and clinically proven methods using Philippine herbs, medicinal plants, minerals and extracts to cure specific (often deemed incurable) diseases. Her protocols have been successfully studied and tested at one of the Philippines’ largest Universities, and one of our foremost hospitals against numerous cancer cell lines.

Regarding cancer, Dr. Farrah’s treatment focuses upon addressing and eliminating the causes of the patient’s cancer. This works in conjunction with her immunotherapy regimens. Using a variety of immune system stimulating antigens, Dr. Farrah’s immunotherapy protocols mobilize the body’s own powerful anticancer mechanisms within each patient’s immune system. The activated immune system is then primed to recognize tumor antigens expressed by each patient’s unique and frequently changing population of cancer cells. This results in significant and durable anti-cancer responses within the body up to and including eradication of all detectable cancer for a patient. “Most people don’t know that our bodies were created to heal themselves.”– Dr. Farrah

After successfully inventing & developing immunotherapy in the Philippines in 2002, variations of Dr. Farrah’s treatments are now widely used at some of the US largest cancer centers. Immunotherapy is considered the 4th pillar of cancer treatment in the US and other 1st world countries. Yet, it’s still widely unknown here in Philippine medical circles and rarely mentioned in our medical schools despite the widespread cancer treatment successes of Dr. Farrah.

Dr. Farrah notes, “When I was in medical school, I was taught what I was supposed to believe, but NOT the evidence for many of these beliefs, and most definitely NOT to question these beliefs even when they were lacking scientific validation. To not question the science of so many aspects of medicine when there was no evidence for them made me very uneasy. This is when I became a medical heretic. I refuse to blindly believe something simply because a Professor says, “Because I said so”, in response to my questions, without demonstrating any evidence. I believe that if something isn’t significantly and scientifically proven to safely work for a patient, why should we prescribe it? The very idea that any Filipino should have choices, freedom or liberty regarding their healthcare is assaulted by the corporate-infected medical establishment.

Many doctors even claim natural medicine isn’t scientific or is “anti-science”. The most common declaration from members of the medical profession and big pharma, is that those who don’t believe western medicine is “science based”, simply don’t believe in science. It’s a clever debate tactic seeking to crush the credibility of doctors like me if we disagree with their interpretation of science. We’re then judged to be ignorant, wrong and ostracized for our views. It’s what Socrates likely had in mind when he said, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” How better to slander an adversary than to try and delegitimize them, right?

Employees in healthcare (doctors, nurses, researchers, etc.) aren’t “science.” They’re just people, mere mortals. They’ve gone through standardized education and training to perform basic duties. They’re not the only people who can learn about the world around us. They’re not the ultimate authority on a world we’re learning about daily. They’re not the keepers of the keys to knowledge. They’re just people who studied a specific vocation. Science is a broad field of study. Not a group of people. Not a majority rule. Not a community that all agrees on one idea. Not an ultimate truth. Science is continually challenged, improved, and altered as people gain more knowledge and continue to explore our world.”

Dr. Farrah also said, “Doctors and pharmaceutical companies routinely oversell the benefits of drugs and various procedures for disease by conveniently not mentioning how small these “benefits” are. As a result, patients wildly overestimate the benefits of things like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, mammograms, colonoscopies, statin drugs and even blood pressure drugs. The scientific literature tells us that if patients knew these truths, they wouldn’t undergo the procedures or take the drugs. I think an informed patient is an ideal patient. How can patients make informed healthcare choices if they’re consistently misled by those they’re supposed to trust? Seriously, how many people would undergo chemotherapy if they knew that only about 3% of patients derive any benefit from it? What’s so frightening to doctors about informed patients?

No matter how far people continue down the wrong road when it comes to cancer, it doesn’t magically become the right road. One simply cannot poison, cut and burn cancer patients back to the picture of good health. I question the ethics of how so many doctors can send people down the wrong path of ineffective treatments when there’s essentially little to no chance they’ll be healed. More important than a patient’s will to fight, is the need for them to have a fighting chance. We give them that chance here.”

Dr. Farrah’s crusade for truth in medicine culminated in the website. It’s 20,000+ pages of rigorous scientific evidence designed to educate and inform patients. It convincingly demonstrates the safety and efficacy of immunotherapy. The site also exposes the smoke and mirrors of modern medicine straight from the best scientific literature in the world. This includes the lack of scientific evidence for chemo, radiation and most surgery.

After dedicating her life to the field of Natural Medicine, the struggle has finally been recognized & encouraged. The FDA has approved her for production of her products. The PRC is in the approval process for her facility to offer (CME) Continuing Medical Education credits to doctors and nurses. Natural medicine is being recognized and promoted by the DOH, as well as the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC).

The Director General Dr. Annabelle Pabiona-De Guzman, M.D., had these words to say at the groundbreaking of the new 200 Bed Dr. Farrah Natural Medical Complex and Research Institute on Jan 31st, “The People of the Philippines are fortunate to have such a rare medical institution that truly serves the community by saving lives and giving people results based medicine. Dr. Farrah serves as a light in the darkness for those seeking to be healed and helped.”

If I ever get diagnosed with cancer, I already asked Dr. Farrah to expect me.